NOOK LED Neck Reader

A 3-color, dimmable LED neck reading light with bendable arms for personal use.

Stop squinting in the dark with the perfect personal LED light for reading, knitting, camping, and more. Two bendable arms wrap around your neck for a hands-free experience. Two LED lights provide 3 colors, yellow, warm white, and cool white, all with 6 brightness levels for the perfect experience. Up to 80 hours of battery life between charging ensures you’ll be able to light your life whenever you need it!


Adjustable and Bendable Arms

Ergonomic Design

3 Color Temperatures

Blue Light Filter to Protect Eye

6 Brightness Levels

Narrow LED Beam to Prevent Partner Disruption

Up to 80 Hours of Battery Life

Easy to Pack

USB Type-C Rechargeable Input

Light Up Your Life

Say goodbye to faulty book lights or beaming night lights that hurt your eyes and disturb your partner. It’s time for an adjustable and dimmable neck light that is the perfect companion when reading, knitting, working on small projects, or camping. The Nook LED Neck Reader is rechargeable light with a blue light filter to protect your eyes at night while providing the perfect amount of illumination. Choose between 3 color settings: yellow, warm white, and cool white in 6 brightness levels. The 90° beam angle ensures lighting for you and you alone.

Set Your Color

Choose from 3 color settings: yellow, warm white, or cool white.

Keep It Personal

With 6 settings for brightness and a 90° light beam, you can rest assured the NOOK LED Neck Reader won’t disturb your sleeping partner.

Longer Light Than Ever

The NOOK LED Neck Reader uses a USB-C charger to provide up to 80 hours of light on one full battery charge.

A Safer Light

A blue light LED filter keeps harmful blue light rays from damaging your eyes and disrupting your sleep cycle.

Adjust To Your Needs

Two bendable arms with an anti-slip design keep you comfortable in any position.


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