We Started

Carter Sanghera had just moved into a new home in Arizona, and was looking for a way for his home to function more seamlessly. From a safe but affordable security system to energy efficient light bulbs that could easily be integrated with the rest of his house, he wanted to put home on the cutting edge of safety and technology. But what he found were dozens of cheap products and brands that couldn’t guarantee a way to live easier. He knew there was a market for simple products that made everything about your home feel simpler.

Thus, NOOK was born.

A Better Way

To Live

Sanghera and his team began searching for and developing products for the home with two goals in mind: to make a homeowner’s life easier and to make it affordable. Their first product, NOOK Indoor Security Cam, aimed to make it easy for anyone to feel safer in their home. A simple WiFi livestream made it possible for a homeowner to see every room of their house with just a click of a button. But NOOK didn’t stop there. Our Smart Lights, Portable AC, and other products, all aimed to help you feel comfortable in your home without breaking the bank.

NOOK aims to make living easy with smart technology that keeps you in control of your home.

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